NASA shows off its   will fly beyond Mars

Psyche spacecraft that

NASA's asteroid-orbiting

spacecraft has moved a step closer to lift-off after being unveiled to media ahead of its launch this summer.  

Engineers are putting

final touches on the probe, which is set to blast into space from Cape Canaveral in August on its journey to a metal-rich asteroid

Spacecraft will Fly

by Mars for Gravity assist in May 2023 and, in early 2026, Orbit around Asteroid 16 Psyche in the main Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter. 

Scientists think the asteroid

which is about 173 miles  at its widest point, could be packed full of precious metals and worth $10,000 quadrillion

Researchers from Brown

and Purdue universities believe it may actually be more hard rock

Whichever theory is true

NASA is hopeful that the Psyche mission will be able to confirm it and determine the asteroid's true origins.

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