NASA Shelves Routine   To Leaky Helmet

Spacewalks For Now Due

NASA is suspending all but

 the most urgent spacewalks after water was found in an astronaut's helmet following a March excursion,

This means that astronauts will

not go outside and perform extravehicular activities (EVAs) unless there is a pressing need for repairs on the International Space Station.

This is the second time spacewalks

have been suspended due to unexpected water leakage, although the last time in July 2013 was far more serious. 

During 2013 incident, ESA astronaut

  experienced a severe water leak that ended up covering most of his face. His spacewalk was cut short due to the MALFUNCTION 

NASA suspended all spacewalks

 back then amid an investigation, which culminated in a December 2013 report that identified multiple factors, from the spacesuit's construction to NASA procedures

 The agency plans to return

 both the water samples and the spacesuit filters back to Earth as part of the ongoing investigation.

Sun busts out moderate  herald more activity

solar flares that might