NASA Roll Back Its Rocket  Countdown Test

After Failing To Complete

After three attempts

 to complete a critical fueling test of the Space Launch System rocket, NASA has decided to take a break.

Space Agency Announced

 to roll the large SLS rocket from the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center to the Vehicle Assembly Building in the coming days.

The decision comes after

 3 tries during the last two weeks. Each fueling attempt was scuttled by one or more technical issues with the rocket , its mobile launch tower, or ground systems

During the most recent attempt

on Thursday April 14, NASA succeeded in loading 49 percent of the core-stage liquid oxygen fuel tank and 5 percent of the liquid hydrogen tank

NASA must weigh factors

such as wear and tear on the rocket, its side-mounted boosters being exposed outside, as well as seemingly innumerable lifetime considerations with the hardware.

A program that

is now 11 years old and in which NASA has invested more than $30 billion in the rocket and ground systems now being tested.

A fireball that crashed to  our solar system

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