Nasa Picks New Experiments  Moon in 2026

For Commercial Delivery

Privately developed spacecraft

 will carry a new suite of science gear to the moon in 2026 to support NASA's Artemis lunar exploration program

The agency has selected

 two sets of instruments as a part of its Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) initiative

which aims to

 study the moon's history and environment using gear delivered by privately developed landers and rovers. 

Aside from the scientific

 value, such work will help NASA figure out how best to support Artemis astronauts in the harsh lunar environment,

The new science equipment

 will be delivered to the surface in 2026, NASA official said in a statement Thursday

Instruments will examine a 

weird lunar feature called the Gruithuisen Domes, which formed mysteriously by magma on a world lacking plate tectonics and large amounts of liquid water.

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