NASA Decided To Put 

Atomic Pile On Moon

Nasa Is One

Step closer to finishing its plans for nuclear power 238,900 miles from Earth.

The Us Department of Energy

And the Space Agency have chosen three designs for a surface fission power system that would be put on the moon.

The Hope Is That

A nuclear reactor will make enough power to run rovers, do experiments, and help keep life going.

Scientists Say That The

Ideas for the technology will help with future Artemis exploration and will be ready to go by the end of the decade.

Nasa Says That Each Contract

Is worth about $5 million and pays for the development of initial design concepts for a 40-kilowatt class fission power system

That Is Meant to Last At

Least 10 years in the lunar environment. Forty kilowatts of electricity can power 30 homes for ten years straight.

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