NASA, Boeing Say  For May 19

Starliner Launch Likely

Boeing's Starliner Capsule

Is finally ready to reattempt a key test launch to the International Space Station on May 19, officials said Tuesday.

The Uncrewed Flight, Named OFT-2

Is a vital step towards certifying the spaceship for eventually carrying passengers, giving NASA a second taxi provider alongside SpaceX.

Aerospace Giant Boeing

Which was awarded a $4.2 billion contract for the purpose in 2014, initially attempted the test in 2019,

But Failed

To rendezvous with the ISS after experiencing software glitches that caused flight anomalies.

The Program Has Since Delayed

It was last supposed to fly in August 2021, but the mission was aborted just hours before launch because high humidity led to corrosion within Starliner's valves.

NASA's Commercial Crew Program

"It's been a hard eight months I would say, but very fulfilling that we've resolved the problem,"

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