NASA Artemis 1 Moon  August Launch Date

Mission Slips to Possible

NASA Has Battled Sudden

Unexpected technical issues surrounding the Artemis I moon mission, a trailblazing endeavor to bring humanity back to the lunar surface.

And On Thursday

The agency announced that Artemis I's launch will probably be pushed to August, well after the previous projection of May.

That's Because

Important prelaunch testing, NASA says, can likely resume only sometime in the middle of June.

Here's A Timeline

Of the roller-coaster ride leading up to the mission's most recent, rather sizable delay.

Since April 1

NASA has been trying to get through a crucial testing sequence called the "wet dress rehearsal."

This Is Pretty Much The Final Challenge

Before launch and its name comes from the fact that it's focused on steps like loading the Space Launch System rocket with cryogenic fuel.