Mysterious Pulsar Spins Too   Patterns

Slowly with 7 Different Pulse

A single flash from

 the sky pointed the way to a bizarre star that rotates very slowly, making it difficult to figure out waht it is 

PSR J0901-4046, callenges our 

current understanding of how these systems evolve" due to its slow pirouette of 76 seconds hich is usual for pulsars

Pulsars are rapidly r

otating objects that belong to the family of neutron stars. These are ultra-dense, city-sized objects 

They are thought to 

emerge from powerful supernova explosions of massive stars. But typically, pulsars rotate several times a second.

It makes PSR J0901-4046 

and its slow pirouette rather strange, and unlike any of the other 3,000 other pulsars found in our Milky Way galaxy. 

It belong to a 

"theorized class of ultra-long period magnetars with extremely strong magnetic fieldsIt 

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