China Rolls Out Rocket for  Mission 

Crewed Shenzhou 14

China is gearing up

 to send the third crew to its new Tiangong space station, with launch set for late Saturday U.S. Eastern time.

The Shenzhou 14 spacecraft,

 sitting atop a Long March 2F rocket, was rolled out to its pad at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on Sunday

Three Chinese astronauts

 and another three-person backup crew are in quarantine ahead of launch at Jiuquan

The three Shenzhou 14

 crewmates will spend around six months aboard Tianhe, the core module of the Tiangong space station. 

They will be aboard to

 receive two new modules, named Wentian and Mengtian, which are due to launch in late July and October, respectively.

another Long March 2F 

rocket and the Shenzhou 15 spacecraft are being readied for potential use in case of an emergency in orbit. 

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