Mysterious 'hot Jupiter slowly- Gaia spacecraft

can form quickly or

European Spacecraft revealing

 clues about 'hot Jupiter' the oldest mysteries of the exoplanet-hunting era

This Hot Planet is

 massive as Jupiter and less than 1/10 the distance at which earth orbits the sun

New data from Gaia

Spacecraft provided fresh insight into the formation, evolution, and relative age of hot Jupiter

Gaia measurement was

 used to determine the relative age of stars and it revealed that it can form both fast and slow

Hot Jupiters with orbits

misaligned from the equators of their stars are thought to form late relative to those that are aligned

Hamer said in the statement,

"One [formation process] occurs quickly and produces aligned systems, and [the other] occurs over longer timescales and produces misaligned systems," 

Blood-Red Aurora  Before Stargazer's Eyes

Transforms into 'Steve'