More Earth-Ward Bound  Coming Days

Solar Flares Likely In

With A Large Sunspot Most

Likely to face Earthwards soon, solar physicists have warned that the Sun may continue to send strong flares during the upcoming days.

These Flares Have

The potential to hit telecommunication and satellite-based services over India.

On Wednesday An Intense

Solar flare (X2 class) hit Earth and affected India and large parts of Southeast Asia.

Solar Flares Are Massive 

Bursts of electromagnetic radiation emerging from the Sun’s surface.

They Are Usually Associated

With the Sun’s active regions, like sunspots (the darker areas on the solar surface). Flares can last from a few minutes to some hours.

According To Physicists At CESSI

There have been two X class and 13 M class (second highest intensity in Watts / m2) solar flares reported since April 15.

Spaceship Neptune Will Fly  Space Balloon

Tourists To 100,000 Feet In