Moon Knight episode 1  just happened?

ending explained — what

Episode 1

Moon Knight did a fine job of testing audiences' willingness to be confused.

We Learn Later

The museum Grant works at, Harrow has a lot of power over the world around him

Passing Judgment Helped

Harrow learn about Grant's multiple identities, revealed when Harrow said "there is chaos in you."

Steven Meets Marc

Steven Grant looks in the bathroom mirror at the end of Moon Knight episode 2, he finally "meets" Marc Spector

Requests In Calm & Collected Manner

Marc wants control of Steven's body, which he requests with charisma that Steven could never even begin to provide

Moon Knight Entry

That's when — Steven Grant becomes Moon Knight, and beats these demons the heck up

Disney revealed

Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon, was to be voiced by F. Murray Abraham.

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