Moon-Exploring Astronauts \ Fuel From Lunar Rocks

Could Get Oxygen And

Scientists At Nanjing University

 believe they can use compounds found in lunar soil to locally produce oxygen and fuel to support crewed moon missions.

The Team Analyzed Lunar Samples

 collected by China's Chang'e 5 spacecraft in late 2020 and found that iron-rich and titanium-rich substances present in the moon material could act as a catalyst

The "Extraterrestrial Photosynthesis"

 strategy uses lunar soil to electrolyze water extracted from the moon into oxygen and hydrogen.

Carbon Dioxide Exhaled By Astronauts

can also be combined with hydrogen from water electrolysis to produce hydrocarbons including methane, which could be used as fuel

Being Able To Produce

vital resources locally would reduce the costly need to transport them from Earth.

The New Research Could

have practical applications for China, which is planning a joint moon base with Russia.

International Lunar Research Station

(ILRS) will initially be robotic but is expected to be able to host astronauts by the mid-2030s.

NASA Is Also Planning To

 establish a long-term, sustainable human presence on the moon via its Artemis program.