Monster Black Hole Might   'Flip'

Have Executed A Magnetic

The story begins with a 

galaxy known as 1ES 1927+654, which briefly ceased X-ray emissions for a few months, then resumed and increased.

Sibasish Laha said 

"This event marks the first time we've seen X-rays dropping out completely while the other wavelengths brighten,"

If scientists can confirm that

 outburst was due to a black hole at the heart of galaxy changing its magnetic field, the event may help understand how such a switch affects the black hole's environment

The Milky Way have a 

supermassive black hole embedded at its heart; the black hole pulls matter in toward its center.

The matter first collects

 in an accretion disc surrounding the black hole, then heats up and emits light as the matter is pushed inward.

As matter pushes inward,

 it forms a cloud of hot particles that scientists call a corona, new study suggests that changes in the corona are what caused the X-rays streaming from the heart of galaxy 

If a magnetic reversal took place,

 causing the north pole to become the south pole and vice versa, visible and UV light should increase toward the center of the galaxy due to more heating