Mars Rocks Making things 

Difficult For NASA's Rover

Goal of Perseverance's mission

is to collect rock samples that will be returned to Earth in a future mission and studied for possible signs of ancient life

 The rover is currently

 exploring a well-preserved delta located on the western side of Jezero crater on Mars.  

Perseverance is busy 

examining rocks in search of these key biomarkers.

 The most promising rocks

 will be cached for a future sample-return mission to carry them to Earth in 2033,

The life-hunting rover is

equipped with a suite of onboard instruments to understand mineralogy and to detect whether organic molecules are present

 Choosing a rock that is

just right to sample can be challenging for the robotic explorer. Sometimes, the coring process alone can cause the fragile rock samples to fracture, crack or even crumble

Another supermoon rises 

this month