Life Could Have Existed  of Time, Scientists Claim

on Mars for a Long Period

According to new

NASA photos, life may have existed on Mars for a very long time.

Photos from Mars Reconnaissance

Orbiter depict a particular region of Mars called Margaritifer Terra, which is old and covered in numerous craters.


NASA provided a picture of what it thinks was the planet's old pond.

It Would Support

Hypotheses that the Red Planet once supported water if clay were to be found there.

According to a Study That Appeared

Water may have existed in Margaritifer Terra's Ladon basin region from around 3.8 billion years ago until about 2.5 billion years ago.

Clays Form and Remain Stable in 

Neutral pH conditions where water persists for an extended period of time, which minimizes evaporation to form other minerals like sulphate.

Large Bacterium Visible 

to the Naked Eye Found