Large Bacterium Visible 

to the Naked Eye Found

In a Major Breakthrough

Scientists have discovered the largest bacterium — a vermicelli-shaped organism — in the Caribbean.

While Most Bacteria

Are microscopic, this unique organism is big enough to be seen by the naked eye.

It's Approximately the Size Of

Human eyelashes and is nearly a centimeter long. A normal bacterial species measures 1-5 micrometers long.

This Species

Averages 10,000 micrometers (four-tenths of an inch/1 cm) long, with some twice that length.

Named Thiomargarita Magnifica

Is roughly 50 times larger than all other known giant bacteria and is the first to be visible with the naked eye.

Researchers Have Stated

That the bacterium has an average cell length greater than 9,000 micrometers.

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