Japan Will Send an  Nasa, Biden Says

Astronaut to the Moon with

Japanese astronauts will 

ride on NASA Artemis missions to the moon, and potentially even reach the surface, amid an interagency push to expand lunar exploration.

President Joe Biden and

 Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida confirmed that commitment Monday (May 23) during a meeting in Tokyo, NASA and the White House said in separate announcements.

A Japanese astronaut

 will visit NASA's planned Gateway moon-orbiting space station,

Japan's space work is

 part of a larger set of agreements between that country and the United States on various matters

Japan is a major space player

 In December 2020, for example, the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency brought back a sample of an asteroid to Earth. 

JAXA is a long-time 

 International Space Station (ISS) partner, best known, perhaps, for its Kibo science module and robotic arm technology.

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