James Webb Space  Strange 'Super-Earths'

Telescope Will Study Two

The James Webb S

pace Telescope plans to explore strange, new rocky worlds in unprecedented detail.

Rocky planets are more 

difficult to sight due to the smaller planets' relative brightness next to a star, and their relatively tiny size.

But Webb's powerful mirror

 and deep-space location should allow it to examine two planets slightly larger than Earth, known as "super-Earths."

Neither of these worlds is 

habitable but investigating them could still be a proving ground for future in-depth studies of planets like our own. 

The two planets Webb officials

 highlighted include the super-hot, lava-covered 55 Cancri e, and LHS 3844 b, which lacks a substantial atmosphere.

55 Cancri e 

orbits its parent star at a tight 1.5 million miles (2.4 million km)

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