James Webb Space Telescope  Science Study

Begins Final Check-Outs For

NASA's Next-Generation

Observatory is entering the last stages of preparation before showing scientists an all-new view of the universe. 

Engineers Are Preparing To Make Final

Tweaks to the instruments on board the James Webb Space Telescope as the observatory readies for operations this summer. 

NASA Said The Telescope Has

"Calibrations and characterizations of the instruments using a rich variety of astronomical sources" coming up shortly to make sure everything is working.

NASA Statement Thursday (May 5)

"We will measure the instruments' throughput — how much of the light that enters the telescope reaches the detectors and is recorded," 

While No Telescope Can Accurately

Collect every photon that comes through to it, engineers will still want to know the throughput at several light wavelengths to assess Webb's performance at gathering infrared light.

The Commissioning Is Almost There

As the telescope is in the last two month of the process, which began after Webb's launch on Dec. 25, 2021. 

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