Is the Electric Grid Ready  Weather?

for Extreme Space

In the early hours 

 of March 13, 1989, the public utility Hydro-Québec went out of service.  

The conditions in outer 

 space near Earth, which are heavily influenced by the sun  was quickly identified as the cause of the blackout. 

There had been not one, 

 but two large (CMEs), clouds of electrically charged particles unleashed from the sun's outer atmosphere.

The Hydro-Québec 

 blackout is now a go-to example of how solar activity can disrupt life on Earth 

A cautionary tale that we may 

 still not know enough about space weather to predict, preempt or at least swiftly recover from a similar geomagnetic storm.

And with the solar activity

 ramping up as the sun enters solar cycle 25 in earnest, the story of Hydro-Québec is particularly powerful. 

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