Iron Meteorites Shows   Early Solar System

Millions of Years of Chaos in

Meteorites provide

 clues about some of the violent events that took place in the early solar system.

A great demolition derby

with a chaotic mess of asteroids and forming planets constantly slamming into each other

It took place in the 

early solar system between 7.8 million and 11.7 million years after the sun formed,

An international team of 

researchers analyzed 18 iron meteorites found on Earth to better understand the evolution of their parent bodies

Palladium 107 

undergoes radioactive decay into silver 107 with a half-life of 6.5 million years.

Early solar system was 

extremely chaotic, planets would not have even finished forming, and asteroids and protoplanets would have been colliding frequently

3 Chinese Astronauts to Stay   for 6-Month

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