Hubble Clicks Photo That  Way Galaxy

Shows Future of Milky

James Webb Space Telescope

May be humanity's future 'eye in the sky' but good ol' Hubble telescope still has a place in our hearts.

Hubble Has

Faithfuly relayed images of distant stars and galaxies to Earth for three decades.

The Space Telescope

Does not cease to make us awestruck, amused and appreciate the endless beauty of the cosmos.

Latest Image Clicked By Hubble

Is such. While it may not be as exciting as a colliding galaxy, exploding star but this image tells us about our future.

The Photo...

Shows an elliptical galaxy called NGC 474. It is 100 million light-years away from Earth

It Is About Two And A Half

Times larger than Milky Way Galaxy. The galaxy may not have a beautiful spiral structure like our own galaxy. It just looks like a wisp or smokey haze.

Famous 'alien' Wow!  From Distant, Sunlike Star

Signal May Have Come