Giant Comet Is Now   It

Visible, Here’s How to See

The comet is called

 Comet C/2017 K2 and was discovered using the telescope called PanSTARRS

The comet was 

spotted just five years ago in May 2017, according to NASA.

Brian Ottum,

 a Michigan astronomer and owner of a telescope in New Mexico, has been photographing the comet

Ottum tells me C/2017 K2 

is heading toward the sun, and coming closer to Earth. The comet will make its closest approach to Earth on July 14

The snow-covered-rock 

nucleus is twice as big as Mt. Everest As it flies closer to the sun, it warms up forming an even bigger fog shroud.

The comet can now be seen

with binoculars in the southern sky after dark. The best viewing is done out in the countryside, away from city lights

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