Four Hostile Alien   Milky Way

Civilizations May Lurk in the

The Milky Way is home

 to millions of potentially habitable planets — and approximately four of them may harbor evil alien civilizations

Sole study author Caballero

a doctoral student in conflict resolution at the University of Vigo in Spain, tried to find the odds of meeting alien civilisation

According to this model

the current odds of humans invading another inhabited planet are 0.028%.

Caballero also wrote, that

probability refers to the current state of human civilization — and humans aren't currently capable of interstellar travel

If current rates of 

technological advancement hold, then interstellar travel wouldn't be possible for another 259 years

Caballero concluded that

 less than one of the Type 1 civilizations — 0.22, to be precise — would be hostile toward humans who make contact.

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