Famous 'alien' Wow!  From Distant, Sunlike Star

Signal May Have Come

Researchers may have 

pinpointed the source of a famous supposed alien broadcast discovered nearly a half century ago. 

The prominent and still-mysterious

 Wow! Signal, which briefly blared in a radio telescope the night of Aug. 15, 1977, may have come from a sun-like star located 1,800 light-years away in the constellation Sagittarius.

An amateur astronomer, told

"The Wow! Signal is considered the best SETI candidate radio signal that we have picked up with our telescopes,"

SETI is a field that has been

 listening for possible messages from otherworldly technological beings since the middle of the 20th century

Appearing during a SETI search

 at the Ohio State University's Big Ear telescope, the Wow! Signal was incredibly strong but very brief, lasting a mere 1 minute and 12 seconds

 The now-deconstructed Big Ear

 telescope looked for messages at the electromagnetic frequency band of 1420.4056 megahertz, which is produced by the element hydrogen. which can be from distant sun 

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