Extremely Resilient Star  Explosion

Survives a Giant Supernova

In The Deep Cosmos, The Hubble

Space Telescope found evidence that a star remains after its companion star (they orbited each other) went supernova

The Exploded Star

Dubbed supernova 2013ge, jostled — but didn't destroy — its nearby companion, explained NASA.

Astronomers Have A Thought!

Astronomers think that (unlike the sun) most stars have companions.

Astronomers Already Knew Something

Unusual was occurring with this supernova. Telescopes usually detect one source of brightness from supernovae (the explosions)

But Supernova 2013ge Emanated

Two "peaks" of brightness. Researchers suspected it was a shock wave hitting the companion star.

The Latest Evidence Proves

They're right: As the explosion's brightness wanes, they've spotted sustained light emissions from the secondary source, which they suspect is the surviving star.

Nasa and ESA Astronauts  Space Station

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