Elon’s Twitter Absence Is  Media

Messing with Mainstream

Elon Musk has not 

tweeted for over a week, and several mainstream media outlets have published observations about the CEO’s absence

It’s pretty ironic.

Musk is one of Twitter’s most prolific users, especially as he recently hit 100 million followers on the platform

 Musk tends to post 

updates and insights about his company’s products and projects on Twitter, and many of them are newsworthy. 

 Musk’s Twitter absence

 has now spawned a number of dedicated articles about how the CEO is not using the social media platform. 

Musk have some valid reasons

SpaceX is extremely busy with its Starship program and He is also in the middle of his Twitter acquisition efforts

It’s difficult to deny 

that the social media platform is a lot quieter — and quite a bit more boring — without the CEO.

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