Elon Musk Promotes ‘Return  Documentary

to Space’ in Netflix

Elon Musk Tweeted About New Netflix

Documentary film called “Return to Space,” which is relevant because he is involved in both this project and SpaceX.

This Documentary Discusses Several

Enterprises and inside knowledge about a private space firm, one of the largest in the world with many clients all over the world.

The New Docu-Feature Is Now

Accessible on Netflix, and anybody with a membership can watch the more than two-hour video on the streaming platform.

The Film Focuses On The Trips

That SpaceX completed for NASA to the International Space Station using the company’s Falcon and Dragon spacecraft.

There Is Much Insider Information

That Netflix features in this film, as one of its main subjects is Musk, who talked about the many space ventures and missions of the company.

It Talked About NASA

And its private space ventures with the Commercial Crew project of the space agency with SpaceX.

NASA’s Mega Moon Rocket to 

Return to Launch Pad