Elon Musk Is Convinced  Outsell Tesla Cars

His Optimus Robots Will

Elon Musk Has Enjoyed

Incredible financial success with his many companies throughout the years.

The Most Successful Is Hands Down

His Tesla cars, a technology that is still seeking to solve full artificial intelligence in vehicles.

Musk Is Confident He Is...

Quite close to achieving something that will effectively change the human experience forever.

The Vast Majority Of The

Population don't understand what could happen when or if Elon Musk's companies solver this Artificial Intelligence problem in the real world.

For Starters, Mass Production Of

These robots will effectively bring us to all those sci-fi movies future where we humans have robots serving us.

When Musk Talks About His

Optimus project, he wants to make sure that people understand these androids are not coming for humans' regular jobs.