Earth Will Eventually Become Human Activity

A 'Chaotic' World Due To

A new study sheds light on

 how humans may not simply be warming Earth, but instead may be making the planet's climate chaotic

The research attempts to 

understand human's broad range of effects on Earth's climate. If we don't change our way and curb the use of fossil fossils, Earth is heading down a dark road

 we're now entering a 

stage of change propelled completely by human beings With more carbon being released into the atmosphere, for the first time ever, humans are directly changing the planet's climate

 Scientists call it the

 beginning of a new Anthropocene era.Phase transitions in Earth's climate will lead to unpredictable patterns of seasons and weather.

This will be the cause 

of chaos on Earth, and the planet will experience sudden and quick changes in climate.

 If carbon output

 is controlled, things could be different than in a situation where nothing changes

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