Earth will be farthest

from the sun

July 4, Earth celebrates 

Independence Day by getting as far away from the sun as possible — reaching aphelion at 3 a.m. EDT

 At aphelion, 

Earth will be 94.51 million miles (152.1 million kilometers) away from the sun,

Earth will be 1.67%

farther from the sun than the mean Earth-sun separation, also known as an astronomical unit. 

Earth will be closest

to the sun — a moment dubbed perihelion — on January 4, 2023, when it will be 91.4 million miles  away from the sun

 Earth's orbit 

is not a perfect circle which is why we experience aphelion and perihelion.

Venus has the most circular

 orbit. The planet ranges between just 66 million miles and 68 million miles from the sun

Another supermoon rises 

this month