Dream Chaser Space  To Land At Alabama Airport

Plane Gets FAA Approval

 Cargo missions returning

 from the International Space Station are now authorized to touch down in the Cotton State.

U.S. Federal Aviation Administration

just issued a license allowing the Huntsville International Airport in Alabama to accept landings from Sierra Space's Dream Chaser space plane 

Sierra Space (or any other provider)

 will still need a vehicle operator license before reentering over the airport, FAA officials noted.

Documents previously submitted

 to the FAA for the environmental review suggest that Sierra Space is targeting 2023 for its landings at the Alabama facility.

The license permits the airport

 to offer its site for Sierra Space Dream Chaser vehicles returning to Earth from future NASA resupply missions to the International Space Station

Sierra Nevada has a contract

 with NASA to fly at least six uncrewed cargo missions to and from the ISS with Dream Chaser.

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