Dolphins May Treat Their  Corals - Study

Skin By Rubbing Against

Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins

 may rub against corals in order to treat skin conditions, according to a new article by scientists from Switzerland, Germany and Egypt.

 Scientists described how 

Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins repeatedly rubbed against three distinct types of coral in the northern Red Sea selectively and preferentially.

The dolphins used specific 

coral for specific body parts based on differences in the properties of the coral and the sensitivity of their body parts.

For example, 

their strong head would be rubbed against harder corals. Dolphins in groups would even queue up and take turns rubbing against coral.

The scientists found 

that when the dolphins rubbed against the corals, it caused them to release mucus.

Scientist's team analyzed 

the mucus and found 17 active metabolites with antibacterial, antioxidative, hormonal and toxic activities. 

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