You can buy a 76-million-year- later this month

old dinosaur skeleton in NYC

Sotheby's just 

 announced that, later this month, it will auction off a 76 million-year-old fossilized dinosaur skeleton 

The Gorgosaurus 

 skeleton measures 10 feet tall and 22 feet long, and was most recently found in 2018  

Part of Sotheby's 

 natural history auction, which kicks off on July 28, the skeleton is estimated to cost between $5 and $8 million. 

Sotheby's explains

 that the specimen "was a very large, mature individual at the time of death." 

It also boasts 

 a "well-preserved skull" and "contains the three major bones which create the orbit 

It goes on

 public display for the first time at Sotheby's York Avenue galleries on July 21. 

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