China Will Launch  Investigate Distant Galaxies

Telescope In 2023 To

 China's answer to the

 Hubble Space Telescope will join the country's space station in orbit.

China wants to launch its first

 large space telescope in late 2023 to survey the skies, deliver new insights about distant galaxies, and unlock the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy.

The Chinese Space Station Telescope 

is an optical and ultraviolet space observatory that will boast a 6.6-foot-diameter lens, making it comparable to the venerable Hubble Space Telescope.

Though the resolution of

China's telescope will be similar to Hubble's, the CSST's field of view will be 350 times larger

The CSST will be able to 

observe much greater expanses of the sky at a time than the 32-year-old Hubble, and will survey 40% of the sky with its 2.5 billion-pixel camera 

NASA, meanwhile, has launched

its own successor to Hubble, the James Webb Space Telescope, which, for comparison, has a primary mirror with a diameter of 21.3 feet (6.5 m). 

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