Boom Or Bust? How A  Next Monday Night.

‘Meteor Storm’ Is Possible

Astronomers are reporting

Astronomers are reporting that there’s a chance that a “meteor storm” could occur next Monday night.

It probably

 won’t happen, but if it does, the display could be absolutely otherworldly.

The forthcoming

Tau Herculid meteor shower ordinarily results in just a trickle of shooting stars between mid-May and mid-June,

But there’s a

chance it could be something extra special this year.

Astronomers are focused on

 a clumping of cometary debris that — if positioned just right in Earth’s orbital track — could spark such an outburst of meteors.

Meteor showers happen

 when the Earth plows through a stream of debris left in the wake of comets, asteroids or other celestial bodies.

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