Boeing Finally Docks a 

Capsule to the Space Station

With Only A Test Dummy Aboard

Boeing's astronaut capsule pulled up and parked at the International Space Station for the first time

With Starliner's Arrival

NASA finally realizes its longtime effort to have crew capsules from competing U.S. companies flying to the space station.

SpaceX Already Has A Running Start

Elon Musk's company pulled off the same test three years ago and has since launched 18 astronauts to the space station, as well as tourists.

NASA astronaut Bob Hines

"Today marks a great milestone," radioed from the orbiting complex. "Starliner is looking beautiful on the front of the station," he added.

The Only Other Time

Boeing's Starliner flew in space, it never got anywhere near the station, ending up in the wrong orbit.

This Time, The Overhauled

Spacecraft made it to the right spot following Thursday's launch and docked at the station 25 hours later.

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