Blood moon, Skywatcher  eclipse over New York

captures total lunar

The eclipsed moon burns red

high above the bright lights of New York City in gorgeous photos captured by amateur astronomer Alexander Krivenyshev.

 Krivenyshev, the president of, snapped images of the total lunar eclipse on Sunday night from Guttenberg, New Jersey

He persevered through cloudy

 conditions, Krivenyshev told via email, to get shots of the blood-red moon shining like a beacon in a light-polluted sky.

The eclipse began at 9:32 p.m EDT 

on Sunday when the moon nosed into the light part of Earth's shadow, known as the penumbra, and ended five hours later. 

The total eclipse phase, in which

the moon was completely darkened by Earth's heavier umbral shadow, lasted 85 minutes, the longest of any lunar eclipse in 33 years.

 This "blood moon" effect is

 caused by Earth's atmosphere, which bends some red light onto the lunar surface while scattering away shorter-wavelength light. 

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