Blackouts Feared As Solar  By Our Sun

Storms Shot Towards Earth

The Sun Is...

A hotbed of activity. Last couple of weeks have been filled with continuous explosions and solar flares being set off.

The Earth Was Recently A Victim

To such high intensity X-class solar flares which caused radio blackouts in different regions of the world and disrupted GPS connectivity.

Now, It Appears That Yet

Another solar storm is headed our way and this time it is a product of yet another X-class solar flare. In the last 48 hours

The Sun Has Blasted

6 solar flares, including two X-class flares. One of them is headed towards the Earth and will strike us by May 8th.

The Report Comes From

Dr. Tamitha Skov, space weather physicist and popularly known as the space weather woman.

She Tweeted

“Eye Candy for the Soul! Our #Sun fires up this week with two X-flare players.

NASA, Boeing Say  For May 19

Starliner Launch Likely