Black Holes May Have killed Early Universe

Their Host Galaxies in the

Evidence shows, that some

black holes have killed star formation in their galaxies has come to light in a study that peers back 12.5 billion years

Stars form when cold clouds

 of molecular hydrogen gas collapse, fragment, and condense. This process of star formation continues in many other galaxies

But some, such as large

 elliptical galaxies, appear to have ended their star formation billions of years ago. 

feedback, in the form of 

powerful radiation emitted by material swirling around a black hole can heat molecular gas in the galaxy and prevent it from collapsing to form stars.

Such galaxies are called

  "red and dead," because once star formation shuts down, the only stars that remain are long-lived, cool red stars.

The red-and-dead galaxies 

had stronger black hole activity than the galaxies that were still forming stars during the same period.

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