Bizarre Spiky Mars Rocks   Ancient Fractures

Likely Formed by Erosion &

The Curiosity rover 

spotted the sinewy rocks on May 15, according to raw images the mission sends down to Earth

 The images were obtained 

on Sol (Martian day) 3474 of the mission, as Curiosity speeds towards completing its first decade of work on Mars on Aug. 6.

The spikes are most likely

 the cemented fillings of ancient fractures in a sedimentary rock which is formed by layers of sand and water

The rest of the rock feature

 was made of softer material and was eroded away. The delicate features may also have been shaped by the planet's lighter gravity

Curiosity is seeking 

habitable conditions at Gale Crater, and is now climbing Mount Sharp to look at environmental depositions

A newer NASA rover,

 Perseverance, landed Feb. 18, 2021, to seek potential ancient microbes in an ancient river delta inside Jezero Crater. 

Glowing 'Auroral Beads'  Night Sky.

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