Billionaires Sent To Work So Hard On ISS

Space Weren't Expecting To

Members of the all-private crew

 to the ISS recently complained that they had too much work to do aboard the laboratory as it circled our planet.

Four-man crew of Axiom Space’s

Ax-1 mission tried to fit too much into their schedules  which ended up putting a strain on them as well as on the astronaut crew that was already living  station

A former NASA astronaut said 

the arrival of the Axiom personnel seemed to have a larger-than-expected impact on the daily workload on the professional ISS crew

The crew arrived on the ISS 

on April 9, packing an impressive experimental payload with them that included experiments on holoportation, human cells, and high-precision optical lenses

But being that it was their

 first time in space, and they are also not professional astronauts some of the experiments ended up taking quite a lot longer than anticipated

One experiment that was meant 

to take just two and a half hours based on pre-flight training ended up occupying double that amount of time

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