Bad Weather Delays  Astronauts From Space

Return Of First Private

Designated To Stay On The...

International Space Station for 10 days, the four private astronauts are well into their 12th day in zero gravity as bad weather continues to delay their return home.

The Axiom Mission-1 (Ax-1)

Crew's return was delayed by Nasa after the customary farewell ceremony on the flying outpost.

The Delay Was Due To Bad

Weather conditions off the coast of Florida where the spacecraft is planned for splashdown after it re-enters Earth's upper atmosphere.

Nasa In A Statement Said

"Due to unfavorable weather, the undocking of Axiom Mission 1 (Ax1) has been postponed."

Axiom Space Said In An Update

"The integrated Axiom Space, Nasa, and SpaceX teams are assessing the next best opportunity for the return of Ax-1, the first all-private mission to the ISS,"

The Crew Had Completed The...

Necessary repacking of the Dragon, reacquainted themselves with undocking operations, and made the final preparations for spaceflight.

More Earth-Ward Bound  Coming Days

Solar Flares Likely In