Astronomers May Have  Floating Black Hole

Detected a 'Dark' Free-

Astronomers believe,

 that the deaths of large stars leave behind black holes, there should be hundreds of millions of them

Astronomers has for the 

first time discovered what may be a free-floating black hole by observing the brightening of a more distant star

Astronomers estimate 

that the mass of the invisible compact object is between 1.6 and 4.4 times that of the sun.

Astronomers think that

 the leftover remnant of a dead star must be heavier than 2.2 solar masses in order to collapse to a black hole

Whether a black hole or a

 neutron star, the object is the first dark stellar remnant—a stellar "ghost"—discovered wandering through the galaxy 

This is the first

 free-floating black hole or neutron star discovered with gravitational microlensing

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