Astronauts May Need to  Bone Loss

Jump in Space to Fight

When astronauts spend

 extended periods of time in space, many surprising and sometimes harmful changes can occur in their bodies. 

One such health concern is

a loss in bone density and bone strength due to the effects of microgravity and, to a lesser extent, radiation exposure

A new study suggests that 

 astronauts and mission planners could employ an effective weapon in the fight against bone-density loss 

Out of the 17 astronauts

who participated in the new study only eight regained full bone mass density one year after returning from a flight.

Bone density loss was 

 found to be much higher in astronauts who flew on missions longer than six months. 

But the researchers also found 

 that astronauts who engaged in resistance-based training while in space were able to recover bone mineral density after they returned. 

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