Astra Begins 3 Launch  Hurricane Research Satellites

Campaign with Nasa

Astra Is Preparing to Launch the First

Of three missions for NASA to deploy six shoebox-size hurricane research satellites.

These Missions Are Crucuial In 

Helping pioneer a new paradigm of riskier but less expensive science missions.

The Commercial Launch Company

Won a $7.95 million contract last year to haul NASA’s six TROPICS spacecraft into orbit using three rockets.

The First of the Three

TROPICS missions is set for liftoff during a two-hour window opening at 12 p.m. EDT (1600 GMT) Sunday. 

Astra Delivered the Rocket to Florida’s

Space Coast last month from its California factory, then completed a test-firing of the booster’s five engines at Space Launch Complex 46.

The First Two Tropics Satellites

Are mounted inside a deployer on top of the 43-foot-tall (13.1-meter) Astra launcher, which the company calls Rocket 3.3, or tail number LV0010.

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