Asteroid The Size Of A Small I  Friday

Island To Fly Past Earth This

 A massive asteroid the 

size of a small island is set to pass by Earth this Friday, according to NASA's asteroid tracker.

Designated 7335 (1989 JA),

 this large asteroid is estimated by NASA to be around 1.8 kilometers wide.

For context,

 Plum Island, the small island off the coast of New York, is around 1.6 kilometers wide.

Heading towards our direction

 at a speed of around 13.12 kilometers per second, this asteroid is set to pass us by at a distance of over 4 million kilometers away

In addition, 7335 (1989 JA)

 is an Apollo-class asteroid. This means its orbit around the Sun overlaps with Earth's own orbit as well.

Asteroid impacts are one

 of the worst possible natural disasters that could possibly occur due to their potential for sheer destruction.

Reuters Videos Astronauts  unmanned capsule

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