Asteroid Ryugu Contains  Planets

Material Older Than the

Samples returned to

 Earth by a Japanese asteroid mission are the most untouched materials ever studied in the solar system.

The asteroid Ryugu

 contains some of the most primitive material ever studied in a laboratory on Earth dating back to just 5 million years

Because it is so old,

 it is made of the same stuff that formed the planets. "Ryugu is one of the building blocks of Earth

The Japan Aerospace 

Exploration Agency's Hayabusa2 spacecraft launched in December 2014 and arrived at asteroid Ryugu in 2019.

It retrieved two small

 samples of regolith, amounting to 5.4 grams, from the asteroid. These samples then landed on Earth in a capsule

team has identified more

than 20 types of amino acids which are the starting point for the proteins that living organisms produce

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