FIFA will track players’ bodies  calls at 2022 World Cup

using AI to make offside

FIFA, football, 

* has announced it will use AI-powered cameras to help referees make offside calls at the 2022 World Cup. 

The semi-automated

 system consists of a sensor in the ball that relays its position on the field 500 times a second,  

12 tracking cameras 

 mounted underneath the roof of stadiums, which use machine learning to track 29 points in players’ bodies. 

Software will combine 

 this data to generate automated alerts when players commit offside offenses 

Alerts will be sent to  

officials in a nearby control room, who will validate the decision and tell referees on the field what call to make. 

FIFA claims this process 

 will happen “within a few seconds and means that offside decisions can be made faster and more accurately.” 

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